A GOFUNDME has been set up for a Kilbirnie dad who is currently battling a rare form of voicebox cancer - aged only 31.

Jamie, known locally as JD, has had to undergo two life saving surgeries over the course of the last seven weeks.

He will have to learn to breathe, speak, eat and drink again as he looks to continue his battling recovery.

However, when speaking to the Herald, he told us his main concern is how this has affected his family and their lives rather than just his own.

Jamie has three young children and would typically stay at home with his mother. She still works full time, and previously worked part time at the weekends and in the evenings, though has given this up to help care for her son.

On the GoFundMe page, a spokesperson said: “Jamie has three young children and bills to pay and won’t be able to work for a very long time.

“If we can ease the burden on them even a little so that they can concentrate on Jamie getting better, and not having to worry about paying bills.

“His mum has adapted a room to make Jamie as comfortable as possible when he is discharged from hospital. Anything you can afford no matter how little will help in a big way.

“He’s a young man with his whole life ahead of him and I hope we can all help him get there as quickly as possible.”

Most recently, Jamie had to undergo a nine hour long emergency surgery and since his diagnosis has had a total laryngectomy, both side neck dissection, removal of thyroid and some teeth.

Jamie also hopes that he can raise awareness through this ordeal, with this being such a rare illness to develop for someone his age.

He said he hoped getting his story out there could “save another life”.

He now continues his road to recovery in hospital, recently undergoing a swallow test, which would have seemed a long way off in the not too distant past.

The GoFundMe page for Jamie was set less than a week ago, with a target of £4,000 - which it is already well on the way to reaching as it currently sits at £3,389 at the time of writing.

The family say they are extremely grateful to anyone who has contributed to a cause which means so much to them.

The page is still open for donations at the moment, and is available at tinyurl.com/mtb7ccdn