POLICE have begun digging in a remote area of Argyll in the search for the remains of a woman who was murdered in West Kilbride more than a decade ago.

It was announced last month that police would carry out a search of a remote area in Argyll in a hunt for the remains of Lynda Spence, who was brutally murdered at an address in the village in 2011.

The search was announced on March 16, and police say it will take an extensive period of time because of the detailed nature of the operation.

This latest development, following an initial assessment of the search area, will see specialist teams from across the UK involved in the investigation.

Detective Superintendent Suzanne Chow said: “A detailed assessment of the location has been completed and we have now commenced digging to further explore the site for potential evidence.

“This will be an extremely detailed operation, involving specialist search teams from Police Scotland, forensic scientists and soil experts from across the United Kingdom.

“The family of Lynda Spence are being kept updated as efforts to establish if her remains are within this area continue.

“I would ask anyone with information to please come forward and speak to officers.”