LONG Covid sufferer Scott Davidson is looking for a much happier next five years in power after nearly losing his life.

The SNP councillor is looking to serve the people of Kilwinning after winning a second term at the North Ayrshire Council election on Friday.

He said: “In March 2020 I was sparring with my son Lomond and was fine, but when I went to serve food on to our plates I felt everything going clammy, sticky and light-headed and his mum came to pick him up as I had multiple Covid symptoms.

“There were a few occasions when I thought I was away when I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. I didn’t want to go into hospital because if I was there I would end up on a ventilator.

“I suffered long Covid in March 2021 and that gave me a cough and I was hot and had a blinding sore head.”

He added: “I’m humbled that the people of Kilwinning have given me so much support, even when I had Covid I was helping people out. Covid has taught me that life can be suddenly short, even for a fairly strong, fit firefighter.

“I have retired as a firefighter and will put all my attention into the council.

“There were a lot of good results for the SNP and I look forward to what comes next, getting on with it and driving the SNP forward.”

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