A BOWLER from Saltcoats Bowling Club will be heading down to Birmingham in July to represent his nation in the Commonwealth Games.

George Miller, 75, will be heading south as a director for para-bowler Melanie Innes who is competing in the B2/B3 mixed pairs event.

At 75 years and eight months, he will become Scotland’s oldest ever Commonwealth Games representative, taking the all-time record from Willie Wood MBE.

George took the time to speak to the Herald on how it feels to be selected.

He said: “I’m kind of apprehensive to be honest, a big occasion like that. I’ve been in national finals in Northfield and that’s scary enough, but that stage down there – oaft.

“I was so surprised when I got the telephone call because the quality of the people I’m competing against, they’re all great.”

Being a director, George will become the eyes for visually impaired bowler Melanie Innes - describing shots and bowl position for her to visualise and memorise.

Bowl position is described using a clock face, and George explained how impressive these para-athletes are.

He commented: “It’s completely different, visually impaired bowlers have a string up the centre, to help them get their line, they haven’t got the depth of vision that we’ve got.

“When you are playing with your own eyes you can watch the bowl go up, you can read the head, a visually impaired bowler’s got to memorise that.

“But I think in eight games with my bowler I’ve won one, they’re really, really good. The thing about these games, it emphasises, especially with bowling, anyone can play it.”

Speaking on Scotland’s medal chances, George was optimistic, especially given he had just returned from Leamington Spa, where his nation defeated an Australian side not too different from that which will compete in the games.

He said: “The fact we’ve just beaten the Australians, they are very good, I think we are in with a very good chance.”

On what he’d do if he came back with a medal, George simply laughed: “I’d retire.”

He also humbly commented on becoming Scotland’s oldest representative ahead of Willie Wood MBE.

He said: “His record is unbelievable, for me to be put in as the oldest after him, that’s embarrassing – because he’s a bowler and I’m a director!

“It’s embarrassing to me, not that I’m getting old, just that I’m noted as the oldest!”