A FRUSTRATED council worker, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted the Times to voice their increasing concerns over services provided by North Ayrshire Council.

These accusations included allegations of waste management staff cutting corners - but using Covid-19 absences as an excuse amongst other things.

Though the most damning of all the accusations brought to the table was that North Ayrshire Council had sold one of their fleet of road sweepers - due to repair costs being uneconomically viable.

The sweeper was then auctioned off to an external company.

Though the source said the council then had to hire a road sweeper later in the year - at a cost of £900 per week.

The very same vehicle which they had sold, was then hired to them for use.

The Times took this accusation to North Ayrshire Council for confirmation.

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “We have a robust Fleet Asset Management Plan governing our approach to maintenance and management of our fleet. This particular vehicle was identified for replacement in 2020 as part of our rolling annual programme, but through regular inspection and maintenance it remained serviceable for an additional period.

“Following a breakdown in February 2022, a vehicle engineering inspection was carried out which found that some £25,000 worth of repairs were required.

“We deemed it uneconomical for a vehicle of this age and condition to undergo such extensive repairs. It was therefore sent to auction.

“In April, we sourced the hire of a road sweeper and operator for a two-week period. The short hire of this vehicle was supplied through our procurement framework and was the most cost-effective option available.”