A THREE Towns man who was remanded after repeatedly blasting loud tunes in his flat has been jailed for four months.

Samuel McGovern, 31, admitted to threatening behaviour and breaching bail conditions forbidding playing loud music when he appeared from custody last month.

McGovern was previously remanded after breaching his bail order and pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner at his address in Nithsdale Road, Ardrossan on February 19 this year.

The Procurator Fiscal’s complaint stated that McGovern shouted, swore, made threats and behaved in an aggressive manner – while on bail.

He also admitted to another charge of repeatedly playing music at excessive volumes and shouting and banging the walls – again causing fear and alarm at his address on May 20.

McGovern also admitted more threatening behaviour at Nithsdale Road and Burns Terrace after adopting an aggressive manner on the same date.

He also repeatedly shouted, swore and made derogatory comments.

When McGovern returned to court on June 21 he was told he will have to serve four months of custody in total.

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