A CHARITY aiming to end digital poverty in the UK has kicked off a new initiative in Ayrshire.

The Digital Poverty Alliance plans to donate laptops to disadvantaged families across South, East and North Ayrshire to help them reconnect to the digital world.

Rhys Thomson, 14, was among the first to receive a state-of-the-art laptop when the initiative was launched at the Currys store in Irvine last month.

Ayrshire has been chosen as one of just five areas across the UK where the Tech4Families initiative will begin after research by the charity found it to be one of the areas most affected by digital poverty in the UK.

Elizabeth Anderson, chief operating officer for the Digital Poverty Alliance, said: “Digital poverty is a major issue across the country, with nearly three million people still ‘offline’ and without the right means to digital access.

“Without technology, disadvantaged families and individuals are neglected of the same opportunity.”

Find out more about the initiative at here.

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