A KILWINNING man punched a police officer full force to the face and called two constables a “pair of f*****g dafties” hours after kicking out at a till point in a Stevenston store when he entered his pin incorrectly.

A worker at B&Q in the Three Towns spotted Ian Boyce acting in an erratic manner at a till point in the shop on the afternoon of February 10, 2020.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard last week that Boyce, 34, had been trying to exchange a door lock and he had entered his pin incorrectly.

The procurator fiscal depute told last Monday’s hearing: “A staff member advised him that his card would be blocked if he entered the pin incorrectly on a third occasion.

“He then snatched his card out of the reader and began lashing out by kicking the till point. He tried to exit the store and kicked out at the electronic doors, displacing them from their mounting. He left and police were contacted.”

Later that day police observed Boyce and a woman at a nearby bus stop getting onto a bus.

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Police asked him to come off of the bus and he became offensive and verbally abusive.

He said: “What the f*** do you want to speak to me for, ya f*****g dafties?”

He left the bus and continued being verbally abusive to the officers, calling them a “pair of f*****g dafties”.

Boyce then punched one of the officers full force to the left side of his face after being informed he was going to be arrested, and he then laughed at the police and said “come on, then”.

When police took hold of his right arm he began to lash out resisting arrest, and urgent assistance was requested by the police. He was eventually restrained and two additional officers attended the scene.

The officer had slight dizziness the following day and had bruising and general soreness to the left side of his face, but did not require medical attention.

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Defence solicitor Peter Murray said his client “offers no excuse at all for his abhorrent behaviour”.

Mr Murray said: “At the time he was in the grip of addiction to drink and drugs. He was overwhelmed by his heroin addiction. He accepts he is the author of his own misfortune.”

In a separate matter, Boyce was also convicted of careless and drug driving when he crashed into another road user on Kilwinning Road on May 16 last year. He gave a false name to police and it was later discovered that he had a provisional licence only and had no permission to drive the vehicle. A drug swab later tested positive for cocaine.

Sheriff Michael Hanlon issued a financial penalty of £320, payable at a rate of £80 per month. A restriction of liberty order was also imposed between 7pm and 7am each night for 10 weeks.

He must also carry out 60 hours of unpaid work and will be under supervision for nine months.