A SERIAL thief who targeted stores across North Ayrshire during a two-year shoplifting spree has been jailed.

Toni-Ann Shaw faced more than a dozen charges stretching back to August 2020 - and the justice system finally caught up with the 29-year-old at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last month.

Shaw was found guilty of stealing a quantity of meat from the Co-op in Kilwinning’s Main Street on August 10, 2020; she returned to the same store on January 23 this year, stealing a quantity of alcohol.

In May last year, she stole cosmetics from Lloyd’s Pharmacy in Main Street, Kilwinning, while on August 12, 2021 she stole razor blades from Superdrug in Saltcoats and alcohol from the town’s Sainsbury’s supermarket.

On August 15, she also lifted booze from Morrisons in Stevenston, while two days later she nicked alcohol from Asda in Irvine.

The next day, Shaw illegally took candles from Hallmark Cards in Irvine’s Rivergate Shopping Centre.

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Shaw also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards a retail worker at the Rivergate Boots in October by threatening the female staff member with violence.

On the same date she stole a quantity of clothing, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorants from Poundland in the mall, and she also stole a quantity of fragrance sets from Semi-Chem in High Street later that day.

On October 26, Shaw again targeted Boots in Irvine - this time stealing aftershave gift sets.

And three days later she nicked detergent items from the same Poundland store in Irvine.

In January this year, Shaw was found to have stolen more fragrance sets from Boots, booze from Kilwinning’s Co-op, clothing from the Riverway Sports Direct, and steaks from the Co-op in Caldon Road.

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Meanwhile, on February 1, at Primark in Rivergate, she stole a quantity of clothing.

The stealing spree continued into March and April, with Shaw shoplifting alcohol from Morrisons in Stevenston and Sainsbury’s in Irvine, as well as fragrance products from the latter.

She was also found to have breached a bail order by entering the Rivergate Shopping Centre when she was not permitted to do so.

Finally, on April 23, at Morrisons in Stevenston, Shaw was found guilty of shouting, swearing, acting in an aggressive manner and struggling with retail workers.

Shaw, whose address was listed in court papers as Fergushill Road in Kilwinning or Caldon Road in Irvine, will spend more than a year-and-a-half behind bars.