A BEITH mum has launched a fund-raiser in an attempt to fund surgery for her daughter’s “thera-pet” after her heartbreaking diagnosis.

Letty the dog has proven to be an amazing support animal for Michelle Davidson’s daughter, who she says “suffers from a lot of health problems”.

Her furry friend tore ligaments in her leg and was in need of an intense operation, which would have led to a long and painful recovery.

Though upon going for an X-ray recently, vets made an even more heartbreaking discovery.

Letty has bone cancer in her leg, and to stop this spreading further, she will have to have the affected leg amputated.

She has pet insurance, though unfortunately, this won’t cover the whole surgery.

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Michelle explained: “When my daughter got her [Letty] she fell in love with her straight away.

“My daughter suffers from a lot of health problems. Letty has got her through a lot, she loves taking her for walks it helps my daughter get out and about. They love cuddling up on the couch together when my daughter is having a really bad health day. Letty is always there to give her cuddles.”

Letty is now eight-years-old, and the family have become so attached to her, and the vital role she plays in Michelle’s daughter’s life.

Michelle said: “The family are devastated she has to go through this.”

The fund-raiser has been online for a short period, raising £85 of its £4,000 goal. If you wish to make a donation to help Letty, her GoFundMe can be found at: tinyurl.com/yc5dpvc2.