THE kind-hearted people of North Ayrshire came together this week, ensuring that an Ardrossan man didn’t have to rehome his ‘best bud’.

William Beck’s ownership of his puppy Blu was put under threat after the pooch broke two bones in his leg, and was in need of a costly operation or veterinary treatment.

He was left to learn a costly lesson, as he did not know to take out pet insurance.

The cost-of-living crisis meant William found himself unable to fund this, and he was left with only days to raise £1,800, or he would have to hand the 10-month-old pup over to the Scottish SPCA.

Though this would have allowed the German shepherd cross whippet to get the help he needed, William says he would not be able to get his pet pooch back, and he would have been rehomed.

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But thankfully, it was good news for William; after his social media pleas, William managed to avoid “the worst day of his life”.

The Herald reached out to the public with his fund-raising story with only a day left to raise funds, and William was just over a third of the way towards his goal.

However, only hours later, things were looking far brighter, and William had some good news to share with the public on Saturday, July 9.

He said: “Thankfully after a stressful week I’ve got Blu registered with a new vet. He’s on pain relief for the next week and has a new support splint on.

“I want to thank everyone that took the time out their day to donate, share or send advice to help Blu, am grateful because I would have had to sign him over but he’s staying where he belongs.”