Police Scotland are reminding those out enjoying the recent good weather on Ayrshire's beaches to do saw within the law.

It comes after they seized a large quantity of alcohol yesterday, July 18, while patrolling the coastal locations.

The operation was part of their Ayrshire Safer Shores initiative which the force says "is well under way with police and partners working to promote safety along the coast."

Police are now reminding the public of the local byelaws that prohibit the consumption of alcohol in public places across the south-west.

Ayrshire police division shared a picture on social media of a haul of alcohol they had seized by mid afternoon on Monday - something they say will help reduce disorder and antisocial behaviour on our beaches.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "No alcohol decreases the chances of antisocial behaviour, making it a more enjoyable time for all the public and their families."

They are also reminding the public not to engage in other alcohol related crime.

If you purchase alcohol for someone under the age of 18, you could face a fine, prison sentence, or both.

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