A NEW study has shown just how much National Lottery funding has been spent in North Ayrshire, since it began in 1994.

The findings, by Solitaired.com, also detailed the totals for the whole of the UK, as well as Scotland.

So far, a total of £46bn has been put towards good causes in the UK, with over £3.5bn of this being distributed in Scotland.

The allocation of funds was broken down further, detailing how much grant money has been spent in each local authority.

UK-wide, Westminster has seen the greatest benefits, amounting to a near £1.5bn since 1994.

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While nationally, Scotland was dominated by the areas containing cities.

Glasgow City and the City of Edinburgh received over £800m and £700m respectively, with the Highlands also benefitting from over a quarter of a billion pounds.

Fife, Dundee City and South Lanarkshire were the only other areas to receive over £100m.

North Ayrshire lay in the bottom percentile in terms of grant money obtained, with just over £45.5m spent in the area. This was a total almost £1.5m greater than South Ayrshire, though almost £4m less than East Ayrshire.