AN up-and-coming artist from Stevenson has released a charity single highlighting the struggles young people have with mental health issues after her cousin tragically took his own life.

Rapper Skye Mc’s song Trapped In, which was released on streaming platforms on July 15, aims to encourage young people to speak up about any issues they’re facing in life and to not feel shame for having mental health problems.

She hopes that the song will generate revenue through streaming services as she plans on donating all the proceeds to mental health charities such as SAMH.

She said: “I wrote the song in memory of my little cousin who took his own life in May this year.

“So many young people, especially males, have taken their own lives over this last year in Ayrshire and it’s so heart-breaking, so I wanted to get the message out that there’s always someone to talk to.

“If my song can inspire one person who is struggling to reach out and ask for help then the song’s been a success.

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“It’s so important to end the stigma on mental health to let people know there is help available and that no one has to fight their battle alone. One life lost is one too many.”

Skye hopes that she will be able to donate a portion of the song’s revenue to other charities that focus on helping people who are dealing with mental health issues.

Her music often tackles social issues and contains social messages as she is also a vocal supporter of LGBT causes.

She added: “The message in the song is to talk to someone so the people who care about you don’t have to talk about you in the past tense.

“I find it surprising that so many people don’t actually know what help is available or how to access it.”

Skye, who is currently unsigned, has been releasing music since 2020 when she dropped her first single Walk Away. Since then, her music has seen high levels of success online, with Walk Away gaining nearly one million listens on Spotify and her song CSB, released earlier this year, being streamed over one million times in just three months.

You can stream Skye’s music on Spotify and on iTunes.

You can also find her on Instagram: @Skyemc85.