PET owners in the Garnock Valley have decided to show their appreciation to “undoubtedly the best vet we have ever had” as he approaches retirement.

Mr James Walker is due to retire from the industry after 30 years serving the Garnock Valley and everyone’s furry friends.

Locals decided that they wanted to show a small token of appreciation to Mr Walker, for all that he has done for their family pets over the years.

A justgiving page was set up, with the modest goal of raising £250 for the retiring veterinarian.

However, at the time of writing, that goal has been absolutely smashed out the park, as they have raised 700 per cent of their target amount - £1,750.

Though for those who have experience of Mr Walker’s practice, it may come as no surprise that the Garnock Valley, and beyond, have pulled together so impressively.

The justgiving page described exactly why he is so loved, and will be missed so much when he steps aside.

It said: “Mr Walker has dedicated many years of his life, working for rates that no vet in the world could compare to.

“He has spent his life interrupted by emergency calls, late night operations, and constant care for our precious animals.”

While on donor expressed just how much he will be missed.

They said: “Mr Walker will be such a sad loss to our communities. Many people have only been able to have the joy of a pet because of the service Mr Walker has provided over the years. A genuine animal lover.”

The justgiving page remains open now, and is available at: