A PARA-ATHLETE who partakes in wheelchair racing, judo, and taekwondo is fund-raising to get her first racing wheelchair.

Nicola Russell from Saltcoats has been racing for five years but has had to use her everyday wheelchair due to the high costs of specially manufactured racing chairs.

Her campaign looks to raise £4,000 so that she can finally afford a racing chair and compete in sporting events to the best of her ability.

Nicola said: “I already push past the limit of what’s possible in a day chair and I probably would still do that because I enjoy a challenge, but it would be nice to not have to have that challenge and just be able to do actual wheelchair racing."

Nicola also coaches young people in the locality who participate in wheelchair racing through Inspire Athletics.

She added: “It’s important for the kids to realise that regardless of disability there’s potential to live independently.

“When one of the young boys does a competition, you’re just so happy for them.”

To donate, visit here.

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