There has been confusion in Ardrossan over the last couple of days, as a mysterious phone box appeared on the Harbour.

The old-fashioned red box was soon accompanied by film crews and cast members, posing the question: "What exactly could they be filming?"

Well the Herald popped down early today, August 10, to find out exactly that, and the answer may not be what was first on anyone's list of guesses!

It is nothing to do with the Arran ferry -  in fact the crews and cast are down filming 'OMC!', a Gaelic sketch show filmed for BBC Alba.

This is an all-new show coming to the channel, featuring a collection of comic characters and spoofs. Based on that, perhaps it is safe to assume a Clark Kent/Superman style spoof being filmed here on our shore!

The show currently has one series on the air, and on BBC iPlayer, though there is not currently a date set for the latest series to come onto our screens.

Of course, a member of the cast warned us that we might not be able to enjoy the show without a knowledge of the Gaelic language - though it is always a novelty to see our home town on the TV regardless.

At the very least, we know they got to enjoy Ardrossan at its finest, as the sun baked down, and the coastline was visible in its full, picturesque, glory.