WEST Kilbride’s annual Scarecrow festival was back with a bang this year.

The big event ended at the weekend after loads of fun for the local youngsters with all kinds of events staged to keep them entertained.

As for the scarecrows - the entries were phenomenal.

The winners were:


  • 1st place - No. 12, ‘5 Mermaids’, Friends of Portencross Castle
  • 2nd place - No. 43, ‘Gertrude the Gardener’, West Kilbride Village Hall
  • 3rd place - No. 24, ‘Tennis the Menace’, West Kilbride Tennis Club


  • 1st place - No. 49, ‘Miss Havisham’, Abigail Rocketblast
  • 2nd place - No. 8, ‘Animal’, Frances Clark Sculpture
  • 3rd place - No. 3, ‘Sydney Surfcrow’, Helen Armstrong Professional Hair Care


  • 1st place - No. 19, ‘NEC Gymnast’, J Henry at 20 Goldenberry Avenue
  • 2nd place - No. 30, ‘The Last Straw’, de Silva Neto family at 12 Overton Drive
  • 3rd place - No. 36, ‘Holy Moly’, Sarah Benson-McKinnon at 27 Heritage Park