North Ayrshire Council say they are "sympathetic" to those with "legitimate reason" for accessing Stevenston beach, who cannot due to height restricting barriers.

Barriers are in place at the beginning of the access for cars heading to the beach, which restict the access of cars over 2.2 metres high.

One concerned local contacted the Herald saying that this "breaches recreation entitlement for people".

During the spate of hot weather at the beginning of the month, the frustrated beach goer was forced to turn away, as they looked to take to the sands with their kayaks and horse trailers attached to their vehicle.

Though North Ayrshire Council have said they have legitimate reasons for these barriers being in place and it is not to stop those looking to enjoy a day at the coast.

They added that they sympathise with those with good intentions who cannot gain access to the road, though prior contact with the local authority can see this issue worked around for some groups.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “The barriers were put in place to stop unauthorised vehicles accessing the areas and to combat issues such as anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.

"Consideration is also given to the delicate environmental needs of the local nature reserve including the impact on natural habitats for wildlife and nectar corridors designed for bugs and insects.

“We are sympathetic to people who have legitimate reasons for accessing the area and are being prevented from doing so.

"Organised groups can access areas by contacting the Council in advance to have restrictions opened and some groups (RNLI – Fire and Rescue – Coast Guard) are provided with a code which allows unrestricted access.”