AN UNSUSPECTING Saltcoats dad has been hailed as a hero after saving a young boy’s life when he drifted out to sea on an inflatable.

A twist of fate meant father-of-two Paul Brennan was at Southerness beach on Sunday, August 14 after his children missed a morning swimming pool session and the holidaying family decided to head to the seaside instead.

The North Ayrshire Athletics Club coach sprang into action after noticing a child on an inflatable unicorn who had become separated from his relatives and had begun edging further away from the shoreline.

The 10-year-old’s family were in “complete panic”, according to Paul, who called the Coastguard at around 3pm to alert them to the incident before taking it upon himself to launch a rescue effort.

The incident came on the same day as an identical report from Stevenston that prompted a warning from the Ardrossan Coastguard Rescue Team over the dangers of using inflatables at beaches.

Paul told the Herald: “As I had spent a few days down at the beach I’d witnessed the tide patterns in the area and I did have to take a few moments to consider whether it was even achievable to reach the boy, never mind if it was safe to do so.

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“My dad, James, who is 76, was actually first in the sea and started swimming. So, his role in influencing my eventual decision to attempt a rescue cannot be underestimated.

“Once I caught up with him I advised him to go back into shore.

“During the early stages of my swim out I was unsure whether I was actually getting any closer to the boy but eventually it looked like I was and eventually I got to say hello to the boy after swimming for around 15 minutes.

“I could see he was clearly traumatised but looked very happy to see me and I reassured him that he was safe now and that I would just give him a push back in and just to hold on to the inflatable.”

Having left “inconsolable” members of the boy’s family behind on the beach, along with his own two children - Luca, 14, and Lorena, 10 - Paul realised he was up against it in his bid to safely return to shore.

He said: “When I turned round I was particularly worried about how far out I had come.

“Knowing that I now had the swim against the tide with only one arm - the other holding onto the inflatable - was alarming but I knew the Coastguard had been alerted.”

After a near-half-hour swim back to shore, Paul was greeted with a tremendous reception by the boy’s grateful family, and he said re-uniting the youngster with his loved ones was a special moment that will “live with me for some time”.

Paul has since received messages of thanks from the boy’s mum, who said: “You are a hero in my eyes, for you not to even think twice and swim to my son’s rescue, you deserve a medal.

“I will never forget you and I don’t think my family will either.”

A post from North Ayrshire Athletics Club afterwards read: “Take a bow, Paul Brennan. You sir, are incredible, a true hero.”