UPDATED plans for a new 'hub' at Ardrossan's south beach have now been approved by North Ayrshire Council.

Plans were originally submitted by the Ardrossan Community Development Trust (ACDT) back in October of 2021, and later approved, detailing how the existing toilet block on the promenade would be refurbished.

But the new plans, which have now also been given the green light, include the demolition of the toilet block, with the applicants saying refurbishment had proved "unfeasible".

Conditions attached to the plans included the attached cafe opening hours being limited to 8.30am until 7pm and that the noise level created by the development should not exceed existing background noise in the area.

However, what may surprise some residents is that none of the conditions include the need to include more toilet facilities - with only three planned for the cafe building.

This would be two unisex toilets, and an additional Changing Places toilet - all of which would still be accessible to the public outwith the cafe opening hours, with a ramped accesible entrace to be available for the Changing Places facility.

This was something which frustrated Herald readers when we first reported the new plans in August.

One reader said: "Personally I think that only two unisex toilets is a big mistake. For walkers like myself there are very few public toilets from Ardrossan North Shore along to Stevenston."

Another added: "Two public toilets? Nowhere near enough. Surely there should be the same number as is already there?"

However, not all were opposed to the plans with one local adding: "(I) was saying this to a friend couple of weeks ago, a nice wee cafe more tables etc would be great. A walk along the front stop for a coffee snack brilliant idea."

And another supported this point, saying: "These people are making positive things happen for your town. Be grateful and get involved."

While there was plenty of social media reaction to the plans, no formal comments were made through the council's online planning portal.

The planned layout seeks to open up to the south facing seafront and newly renovated promenade with large glazed areas and bifold doors.

The external seating area will be covered to provide additional shelter, and expands the cafe area outdoors.

Internally, the hub would include a small cafe with a kitchen prep area and cafe seating.

To the rear of the existing block there are also two unisex toilets and a fully compliant changing places toilet. The intention is for the toilets to be accessible to the public, even when the cafe is not open.

The proposed site is located within the extent of the larger redevelopment of Ardrossan South Beach being undertaken by Mike Hyatt Landscape Architects as part of a separate planning application.

The landscaping proposal seeks to redevelop the turfed areas into play spaces inspired by the beachfront and Ardrossan, incorporating natural play elements and creating accessible play parks.