A SEX offender who preyed on two girls on a number 11 bus dodged jail for breaching strict court orders several times on his release from custody.

William Donahoe, 23, returned to court for breaching his sex offender supervision after he was previously caged for indecent behaviour to two girls during a journey from Irvine to Stevenston.

Donahoe, of Sloan Avenue, Irvine, admitted failing to notify police on the offender management team of an address he was using between May 30 and May 31 this year after previously pleading guilty to charges of theft and again breaching his order.

Donahoe stole a mobile phone while on bail on June 3 at Glasgow Vennel, Irvine.

He committed this offence while subject to a sex offender order imposed in February prohibiting him from deleting his internet browsing history, calls, texts, or emails.

He also failed to inform police of a device capable of communicating electronically at an address in Winton Avenue, Kilwinning on August 11.

He breached that order again between July 26 and 27 by deleting texts from the mobile phone.

When he appeared in the dock this week at Kilmarnock Sheriff Court [Tuesday, September 6] Sheriff Colin Bisset placed him under supervision for a further two years as part of a community payback order.

He will also have to take part in alcohol treatment programme for two years.

Donahoe was previously caged after causing the two girls fear and alarm on February 27 last year – having been subject to a Sex Offender order imposed that same month and given a non-custody sentence.

He admitted speaking to the two girls before making lewd, indecent, and sexual comments to them as well as ‘sexual sounds’ at Irvine High Street and during the bus journey.

The Procurator Fiscal’s complaint states he also attempted to induce them to engage in sexual intercourse with him and offered the girls alcoholic drink.

Prosecutors told the court that Donahoe asked the girls if ‘they were virgins’ before telling them they should “do it together”.

Sheriff Alistair Watson heard that the girls ‘took this to mean they should have sex’ with Donahoe, before he then asked them both to meet him at Stevenston railway station and stated that he would buy them alcohol.

The Procurator Fiscal added: “He then went on to offer a bottle of Buckfast on his person – this put the witnesses in a state of fear and alarm.”

The bus then stopped at Ayrshire College, Kilwinning and Donahoe went to speak to the driver – when another male then went and sat with the girls.

On his return, the passenger told Donahoe to ‘shut up’ when he tried to speak to the girls again and the male looked out for them during the rest of the journey.

Donahoe then got off at Kilwinning Road, Stevenston before the girls both left at Saltcoats Road, Stevenston.

The court heard a female witness on the bus insisted on walking them home before police were then contacted.

Sheriff Alistair Watson said: “This is just appalling behaviour – given you were put on the order with all the conditions imposed – then immediately out court you breached it in the worst possible way. I’ve only one possible option.”

He jailed Donahoe for a total of 19 months for his sickening offending backdated to the day he was remanded on March 5.

He was told he would also have to register as a sex offender for 10 years.