AN ARDROSSAN man who was able to keep his “best bud” after the help of kind-hearted locals has provided an update on his pet’s situation.

William Beck’s world was turned upside down when his pet dog Blu broke two bones in one of his legs, meaning he was in desperate need of medical attention.

He was originally told by vets that his 10-month-old pooch would need a £1,800 operation, and if he couldn’t pay the dog would be signed over to the Scottish SPCA.

William admitted to having been naive with regards to taking out pet insurance, and with the cost-of-living crisis ongoing, things were looking bleak.

However, with the help of a social media appeal, which the Herald shared in July only a day before the money had to be raised, he was able to keep his pet.

The owner raised the much-needed funds via a GoFundMe campaign and wanted to provide those who helped him along the journey with an update.

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William told the Herald how, at the time of the appeal, he didn’t even have the money for an X-ray, let alone an operation.

Though he claims he was told by vets, soon after raising the cash, that the operation would cost more than he was originally quoted, which prompted him to look elsewhere for treatment.

So, he took Blu to a new vet, and after months of paying for X-rays and new splints for the injured pet’s leg, he has now fully recovered.

William said: “Blu has made a strong recovery, the vets stated that he is very lucky to have healed because of the type of fracture he had.

“When I made the GoFundMe it was right after the Scottish SPCA told me I had to sign him over because he was suffering.

“The money from the GoFundMe helped pay for Blu’s X-ray splint changes. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the help of the community.”