Stevenston’s post office has welcomed its first mobility-restricted customers in an “emotional” reunion after the shop’s refurbishment.

Reopening on September 6, the Stevenston post office and convenience store had undergone a thirteen-day long revamp in order to make the shop more accessible to customers.

Ena, a long-time customer who uses a mobility scooter, took full advantage of the wide aisles and low counters, the latter approved by the Department for Work and Pensions - snapping a photograph with owner Robin Bawa to mark the occasion.

Robin said: “Ena has been coming to us since we first opened in 2010. She was near enough in tears - she told me ‘it has been so nice to get out’.

“Over the years we’ve seen customers come to collect their pensions and so forth, but through time we’ve found a lot of customers couldn’t get in - either because they’ve become wheelchair bound or were on mobility scooters because the shop wasn’t big enough.

“It was so good to see people we hadn’t seen in six or seven years due to their health or other circumstances. They came back in their scooters or with assisted aid and it was just beautiful – it was quite emotional.

“I couldn’t have done without my members of staff. They have been phenomenal – every single one is from the three towns – and they feel similarly very passionate about customer service.”

With the revamp of the shop the building has expanded, allowing for most aisles to have a two-metre-wide gap and for the shop to increase its range.

The store first opened in 2010 but the building dates back to 1939, making it one of the oldest in Stevenston.