North Ayrshire foodbank have confirmed they plan to close their main warehouse on the day of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

Though after reaching the initial decision, they have reached out to potential volunteers who could help facilitate opening on Monday September 19.

The project, run by the Church of Nazarene in Ardrossan, confirmed they would be closing their base in the Ardrossan church with a statement on Tuesday, September 13.

They then took to social media yesterday, to explain the decision further, and reach out to potential volunteers, following concerns from some of their supporters.

The foodbank explained that North Ayrshire Council and business closures in place on Monday would make it extremely difficult to operate to their usual capacity.

They said: "North Ayrshire Council, who provide the majority of our clients with vouchers are closed on Monday, therefore no vouchers shall be issued.

"We are staffed by volunteers with one paid member of staff. Our volunteers have requested the day off and as we have a lone working policy, we cannot have one member of staff with no colleagues for support.

"Supermarkets are closed which means we do not anticipate receiving donations."

But the foodbank has offered the opportunity for anyone who is still concerned about their closure to offer a helping hand so they can open up on the day of Her Majesty's funeral.

They added: "If anyone is still concerned about our closure on Monday we would invite offers to volunteer and our coordinator will facilitate this."

Those who wish to offer assistance should get in touch with the North Ayrshire Foodbank before 2pm tomorrow, Friday September 16.

They can be contacted on 01294 601312 or 07411 113126. Alternatively, you can get in touch via their Facebook page.