AN ALLEGED drink driver who was caught in Ardrossan has been slammed on social media after police shared a picture of his threadbare car tyre.

Ayrshire road police responded to an accident in the town recently and arrested a 29-year-old male for alleged drink driving.

However, officers were shocked to discover the state of one of his vehicle's tyres - with the above photo showing almost no rubber trim left at all.

In a Facebook post, Ayrshire Police said: "Road police dealt with a serious road traffic collision in Ardrossan resulting in a 29-year-old man being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol.

"His state of intoxication may not have been the only cause of the collision."

One user responded: "Until I started to read the report I didn't recognise the photo as being of a tyre!"

Another said: "Not a bit of rubber left on that. Unbelievable, totally irresponsible."

Another person commented: "Oh my god!! He’s lucky the tyres didn’t blow!"

While someone else said: "Making jokes about this really is not funny, the state of that tyre is disgusting and even more very dangerous risking other people's lives because he obviously doesn't value his. Well done Ayrshire Police, you don't get enough credit that you all deserve."