North Ayrshire Council plans on interlinking its services by introducing a ‘no wrong doors’ strategy.

Implementing this will mean that no matter what council service or partner is approached, the contactor will be directed to the appropriate person.

This comes as part of the council’s strategy to tackle poverty as it is hoped that this change will make council services more accessible and will provide more support to those looking to access services.

The plans were announced after a discussion on the proposal between the public, private, and third sector organisations in Irvine’s Redburn Community Centre took place on Friday September 30.

Councillor Marie Burns, Leader of North Ayrshire Council, said: “Tackling poverty is our number one priority and we are determined to make a difference to families and residents across North Ayrshire.

“We recognise this is a long-standing problem and that it needs a strategic approach from not only ourselves but all partners that can help and play a part.

“The ‘No Wrong Door’ events are all about working together to ensure that no matter where somebody turns for support, that support will be there for them.

“We all have a part to play in ensuring the support is there and readily available. The findings from these events will be key to developing the latest Child Poverty Strategy.”

It is noted that the changes will take place over a substantial period of time, and it is not known when they will come into being.

The discussion on Friday night came during Challenge Poverty Week and is part of a variety of events that will impact the council’s Child Poverty Strategy and Action Plan 2023-26.