Hallowe'en costumes are being given away to children in need from North Ayrshire this weekend.

Organised by community group Random Acts of Kindness and hosted in Kilwinning Library, kids can collect Hallowe'en costumes on Saturday, October 8.

All costumes have been donated by members of the public as the group promotes helping others in the community and reducing waste.

The group’s founder, Dana Milligan, said: “A lot of people struggle at Hallowe'en time because they’ve either got a big family or they just simply can’t afford the luxury to let their kids go out.

“Families can come along, get their kids a costume, and at least the kids aren’t missing out on school parties and things like that.

“We’re actually starting to struggle with the amount of people who come to us every time we put these events on.”

The group have also organised a free kids Hallowe'en party in Erskine Hall in Kilwinning on Saturday, October 29 with the party for children in P4 and under (including babies and tots) between 4-5pm and children in P5 and over between 5.30-7pm.

Formed in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic by Dana and her partner, Random Acts of Kindness now consists of 15 volunteers and aims to support those in need who live in and around Kilwinning.

Whilst the group rely heavily on donations they are currently without a hub and a van as they look for replacements – however they will still be taking donations of used clothes and household items.

Those who wish to donate money to the group can do so through their GoFundMe page.