An immersive play will uncover the eerie folklore of the three towns as Hallowe'en creeps around the corner.

Three Tales for Three Towns will see dramatizations of three traditional Ayrshire folktales performed in the ruins of Ardrossan Castle on Saturday October 15 at 1pm and 4pm With unique elements such as poetry and puppetry, the show Triple Act Theatre and Arts show aims to be unlike any other and offer and enveloping viewer experience.

Triple Act Theatre’s director Kate Stevens said: “We can see Ardrossan Castle from our office window and everyday I’m looking out at it and I’m going ‘I would love to do a show there’.

“I think it’s just really important for people to feel proud of where they live, to really have that sense of pride for your local area and to connect to it as well.

“There’s a lot of people in the area – and I speak for myself as well – who don’t know a lot of the history. You know stories and you know bits and bobs here and there but you all the details and the full of it.

“The show’s director Charlotte was working down in Stratford Upon Avon – at Shakespeare’s birthplace – so she’s got this beautiful sense of rhythm which comes from working with Shakespeare for so long.”

The show has been funded the Scottish Year of Stories initiative by VisitScotland and by North Ayrshire Council’s participatory budgeting.

Priced on a tier-based pay what you can system, tickets cost £5, £8, and £10 – not including booking fees.

Tickets can be booked at the show’s Eventbrite page.