AN ELDERLY Saltcoats couple are seeking compensation from Scottish Power after being left without electricity in their home for five days.

Tony Hamilton, 71, and his wife Alison Campbell, who has osteoarthritis, have been living with a friend over the weekend as their house in Millar Road has had no power since last Thursday (October 6).

Mr Hamilton told the Herald that he tried to top-up his pre-payment meter on Wednesday, with £1.27 still available, but his electric key did not work.

Despite attending five different outlets to try to add money to his account, the key was not recognised and Tony attempted to contact the energy company in a bid to resolve the issue.

He said: "I've tried to get in touch with them but I can't.

"I managed to get through last Thursday afternoon; I was on hold for an hour and 10 minutes then they shut down for the day. They closed at 5pm and cut me off.

"I then joined an online chat with Scottish Power and asked for a replacement key but it didn't come on Thursday because the Post Office were on strike, and it never came on Friday either.

"I've asked them every day since and nothing has happened. I've opened a new online account and they've replied to me to say they'll send me a new key.

"I should never have been left without power, I'm an OAP and my wife has arthritis, it's terrible."

The couple were forced to throw out the contents of their fridge and freezer, leaving them with just tinned food to eat.

Tony is now seeking compensation and submitted a formal complaint to Scottish Power having been left out of pocket and inconvenienced by the situation.

He said: "We've had to go and stay at one of our pal's houses for a couple of nights because there's no heating, there's nothing in the house.

"Every time you get in touch with them [Scottish Power] on the phone they tell you to go online, but I don't have Wi-Fi in the house, I have to go to the pub to go online.

"We're having to buy takeaways and it's expensive. We can't stay in the house.

"If it wasn't for our friend we'd be absolutely snookered. We've got a good friend who helps out, so we're dead lucky there.

"This should never have happened.

"I think I deserve some compensation."

A spokesperson for Scottish Power confirmed a replacement electric key has been ordered and dispatched via first class post.

A statement added: "We apologise that Mr Hamilton was unable to get through to our advisers via the telephone.

"We are experiencing a high number of calls and would direct customers with similar issues to order a new key via our online service, which Mr Hamilton has done.”