"We started this club in 2018 hoping that it would be the start of something special, but this just couldn't be managed."

That was part of the statement which confirmed the end of a piece of history on the Isle of Arran.

Back in 2018, Isle of Arran AFC was formed to compete in the Ayrshire Sunday Amateur Football Association (ASAFA) league - the island's first ever team to compete in a mainland football league.

It was an historic move and their first match, a 9-0 victory over Dalry Tartan in August 2018, was covered by the BBC.

In that mini-documentary former junior footballer Archie McNicol, who had just signed for Arthurlie, expressed his joy at being able to represent 'his' island.

He said: "When your island comes calling you’ve got to come back and play with your pals.”

Though from today, October 17, this will no longer be the case, as an era was brought to an end when the club was forced to fold.

The club issued at statement which said: "Unfortunately this is a post we hoped we wouldn't have had to write, but we as a club have decided to fold.

"It's not been an easy decision but one we must take.

"We started this club in 2018 hoping that it would be the start of something special, but this just couldn't be managed.

"We have tried for months now to gather a squad together to take the team forward but with no joy.

"We would like to make a special mention to the Ayrshire Sunday League Association, as they have been absolutely superb with us over last few years, bent over backwards to make league games happens on the island.

"Also a massive thank you to everyone person and business who have supported us over the last few years without you we wouldn't of had this opportunity to play in the league.

"Hopefully one day, a few years from now with the youngster then maybe there will be another team representing the Isle of Arran."

The club has struggled in the last few seasons, failing to be able to field a team for a number of their fixtures.

Cancelled ferries have also been a major issue, which forced the club to try to find a full squad of players from the mainland, in case of transport disruption.

This is something they have unfortunately been able to do, leaving the club with no other option.

It is a sad day for not only the club, but the league they are involved in, with so many clubs looking forward to the "away team day out".

But the club has left its mark on the league, and all those who have crossed the club's path.

One former player told the Herald: "The Arran boys were brilliant to play with good bunch of lads think a lot of people lost interest over the last year which is a shame.

"I will never forget the overhead kick I scored for them at Ardeer.

"Playing over there was brilliant, with such a good atmosphere and we pulled together a home crowd every time we played on the island.

"They were a brilliant bunch of lads and few really good players will go without a team now.

"All in all I enjoyed my time there and it’s sad news seeing them fold. All the best to the boys over there."