St Luke’s Primary School’s crossing guard is being reinstated by North Ayrshire Council after a primary three girl was almost run over.

After crossing guard Susan retired three weeks ago, the council failed to supply a new guard and stated that the Kilwinning school did not need one due to the crossing in front of the grounds.

Parents contested this decision, and all came to a head when a primary three pupil who was crossing the road at the crossing with her mother was almost hit by a car on Thursday, November 10.

Sparking outrage from parents and the girl’s mother Eilidh McDonald, the council announced on Monday, November 14 that a crossing guard has now been hired for the school and will begin working there on Tuesday, November 15.

Eilidh said: “The car had stopped at the lights initially and as we stepped out onto the road it decided to drive forward. If I hadn’t grabbed my daughter by the jacket and pulled her back, she would have been under the car.

“To be quite honest that crossing is atrocious but with the lollipop lady it was fine. There were multiple occasions where she would have to stand with her back on car bumpers because they had driven too far forward.

“I got a fright and so did my daughter but it’s not just about her – it’s because there’s a school full of kids.”

Eilidh reached out to North Ayrshire Council and was told to call facilities management but after she was given a number that she says didn’t work she had to communicate by email.

She then contacted MP Patricia Gibson who responded, saying she had raised the issue with the head of housing and public protection at North Ayrshire Council.

The school’s pupil council also emailed North Ayrshire Council’s facilities management team voicing their concerns on the matter.

In the statement a council spokesperson said: “We are pleased to confirm we have been successful in appointing a replacement school crossing patrol officer and they will commence training on site on Tuesday, November 15.

“When there are vacancies to be filled we always try our best to provide cover in the interim. This is, however, not always possible.”