AN ARDROSSAN man will find out his fate at court next month after he was convicted of being in charge of a dangerously out of control dog that attacked four people.

Daniel Keogh faced four charges of being the owner and in charge of the Doberman named Kai when it bit a young girl as well as two men and a woman.

On May 4 this year the pet ran towards a woman in Stanley Road, Ardrossan while untethered and unmuzzled and bit her on the body to her injury.

A similar incident occurred on June 15 when the animal ran towards a man while barking, snarling and baring its teeth and bit him on the body before chasing after him.

On the same date, at Parkhouse Road in Ardrossan, the dog ran towards a girl and a boy, both aged 11, barked at them and repeatedly attempted to bite the boy before biting the girl on the body to her injury.

And on June 17, at Central Avenue in Ardrossan, the dog ran towards another man, snarled and barked at him, repeatedly circled him and then lunged at him and bit him on the body to his injury.

At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court last week sentence was deferred until December and 52-year-old Keogh, of Whitlees Crescent, was bailed meantime.

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