TWO stars of River City have spoken of their excitement at bringing their double-act to the stage in Saltcoats.

Leah MacRae and Gayle Stevens play the McLean sisters in the BBC drama series - but what exactly are they like off the screen?

That's exactly what Saltcoats will be able to find out when the pair bring their show to the Town Hall next month.

Though 'Sisters Daein' It Fur Wurselves' promises to be so much more than that, the pair told the Herald.

The show comes to town on Saturday, December 17, and the pair cannot wait to show North Ayrshire what they are all about.

Gayle commented: “We’re really excited. We had two gigs at the weekend, and we’ve just had such a lovely time.

“You meet people from further afield, I just think it’s really nice to go and meet everybody that supports you and watches you and supported the sisters over the years.

“So we’re really excited about Saltcoats – there’s a big contingent down there!”

To which Leah added: “Ayrshire’s amazing, and I think like Gayle’s saying, even though Scotland’s a small place you still don’t get to go out to all the local areas.

“We’re used to being in their houses every week on television so it’s nice to go out and see them.”

And the show that the on-screen sisters are bringing is not one seen very often.

Organised by The Ross Owen Show, right from the beginning the evening is out of the ordinary - with a meet and greet held before the performance.

Gayle explained: "We do a wee meet and greet and we actually do get to chat to people and those who want a picture, we’re totally up for that.”

“You feel as if you’re talking to your pals.”

Leah added: “It’s so lovely to get to meet people and realise we’re all so alike.”

The pair have already performed the show at a handful of local Scottish venues, and say it's gone down a treat so far.

Gayle even told how one woman couldn't help but tell them they had "brought the love" to the venue. 

"She said 'I think you’ve rubbed off on everyone'”.

Leah then added: “The women were all united. That’s what you want to do.”

But how exactly did the girls do it?

Leah went on to explain that this was "a whole evening" of entertainment in once place - with none of this "where are we going now" chat.

She joked: "You come, you get a show and afterwards you can stay with your friends and get drinks and have a dance.

“I would love that if I went for a night out. I’m a moaner, I don’t like trailing about!”

Gayle then added: “It’s all there for you – then you can get a kebab on the way home!"

This is the last chance to catch a glimpse of the pair's popular performance, featuring stories, songs, dancing, laughs and their end-of-evening disco and drinks.

Both Gayle and Leah say they're aware that going out may not be everyone's priority at the moment, but have promised an amazing night for those who can.

Leah commented: “We’re so grateful for everyone’s support. We’re so mindful of the current climate and how finances are for everyone at the moment.

“So when you see people out for a night out and they’re coming to see us, we do feel a bit of responsibility. You’ve got to make sure they have a great night.

“Local venues are really grateful as well, it’s important to support them after all that they’ve been through.”

The show is also a chance to see the River City sisters perform their first live stage show together - having only previously performed on screen.

This gig aims to tell the story of how the two sisters met and how they functioned on the TV set.

Gayle added: “We’ve got so many stories to tell about us being on set.

"People really love to hear those because they’re normal and there’s loads of comedy in them – Leah and I don’t go without a laugh a minute!”

Leah also said that they have put this together "on stage but in a really natural way".

She then concluded: “It’s a great night out and it’s supporting a local venue – it’s good to support local places for sure – and it’s nice to go out in your area and have a good night without having to travel too far."

To which Gayle interjected: “And you’ll get to meet us two nutters off the telly!”

Doors to the show on December 17 will open at 6.30pm, with an hour's meet and greet thereafter before the show begins at 8pm. This will be followed by a disco.

The event is strictly for people aged 16 and over.

Tickets cost £20 and can be purchased online from where you can also find out more information about the evening.