A SALTCOATS based DJ has heaped praise on the organisers of an event described as "Ayrshire's biggest techno warehouse event since the 90s".

Hosted at Bouncestation in the South Newmoor Industrial Estate, Hidden Ayrshire took  place on Saturday, November 19.

Now, following the event, Neeva Nine, who was one of the evening headliners, has said events like this have "the potential to put Ayrshire back on the map".

The DJ, whose real name is Naeve Wilson, said the event was an "indescribable" experience and that the crowd was like nothing she had ever experienced.

The former Ardrossan Academy pupil said: "It was such a buzz. Looking out on the crowd and seeing everyone enjoying themselves was amazing feeling.

"The crowd absolutely went for it. You're guaranteed a class crowd with a Scottish crowd, but I think it was that bit special that it was my hometown and I knew a lot people there.

"I was really nervous on the lead up. It was my first gig with that size of crowd, but it was unreal - the feeling was indescribable."

Naeve says she's now keen to kick on from this, and hopes to see more events like Hidden hosted at the venue.

"Ayrshire needs somewhere like this to host big dance events in all genres and put Ayrshire back on the map," she said.

"The event went really well. Alot of effort and precautions were put into making this a safe event by the team at Bouncestation and Hidden.

"Hopefully this continues in the future as Bouncestation has the potential to be a great venue for hosting different dance events."

Hidden Ayrshire was originally due to take place on April 9, but was rescheduled twice.

In late March, the organisers confirmed the first postponement of the event, citing "the scale of this warehouse event" as the reason - with additional safety certificates required before it could be approved by North Ayrshire Council and Police Scotland.

Hidden was then re-arranged for September 17, and organisers teased that it would be "worth the wait".

However there was more bad news in August when the event was put on ice for a second time - with the election of new North Ayrshire councillors, and thus several new members on the authority's licensing committee, holding up the process of getting the required certificates further.

They said in an announcement in August that "it looked like we will receive these certificates in September", which they said was too close to their already rescheduled date.

Bouncestation's application for a public entertainments licencen was finally approved - unanimously - at a special meeting of the licensing committee on October 3.