AN ever-growing group of fund-raisers from the 'Grey Dippers' have now completed their fund-raising challenge.

Though, of course, they are not going to stop - and have now set an even higher bar for their efforts.

Initially, the 'Grey Dippers' aimed to complete 200 'dips' between October 31 and Boxing Day (December 26).

These dips referred to taking the plunge into local bodies of water such as Ardrossan beach, as well as 'Bookers Pond' in Irvine - also known as cold water therapy.

The 'Grey Dippers' started as a group of friends, meeting up a few times a week - then as their numbers grew, so did their sense of supporting each other.

The group, comprising of Lee Riddex, Tam Kane, James McLeod, Colin Booth, Tony Clarke, James Booth, Joseph Smith, David Kane and Gordon Woods, then had an idea.

They decided they wanted to help not only themselves, but others. This is when they decided to raise money for 'The Hub'.

The Hub, a food bank charity based in Ardrossan, believes no one should be faced with going hungry.

The Hub provides nutritionally balanced food to those in crisis, a drop-in support service, open to all and the aim is to provide facilities for those who need it. 

Lunch and evening meals will be on offer, a creche area is available as well as family relaxation with Xbox and video games.

This is why the group decided to complete 200 dips before Boxing Day - hoping to raise money and awareness for the cause. They set a fundraising goal of £1,000.

To say their efforts have gone well so far would be an understatement.

On Friday, December 2, they completed dip number 200, over three weeks ahead of schedule.

While their fundraising (their online page can be found here) has seen the Grey Dippers, including gift aid and a separate £2k donation, raise a staggering £14,200 so far.

Though they are not content to stop there - pushing their target up to 275 dips before Boxing Day now.

They shared the emotional moment they reached their original target on social media on Friday.

One of the members, Lee Riddex, told the Herald about how the group has grown since launching.

He said: "It was a beautiful moment on Friday night. I was very emotional, we all were when we saw how many people turned up. Over 30 people came into the water too.

"It's just amazing to see so many people there to support the food bank, but we can't stop."

After Friday's dip, Lee then had a family trip to Lapland to visit Santa - and he along with the airline crew were very impressed with the Grey Dippers.

They posed for photos with merchandise from the famous fundraisers - now Lee is hoping the public will show support and do the same.

The group want the public to share their pictures showing support to the Grey Dippers - like in the examples below - whether this be on holiday, at work, at school or even in nativity plays or concerts.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Examples of photos taken showing support for the Grey Dippers.Examples of photos taken showing support for the Grey Dippers. (Image: Grey Dippers)

Whoever submits the best photo to the group, via the Grey Dippers page on Facebook, will be the winner. The group will announce this prior to Christmas - so get snapping.