Two Kilwinning hairdressers are opening a hairdressing academy to “open up opportunities” for young carers.

Haus Of Seisay is run by married couple and hairdressers Thomas and Tony Seisay who were inspired to create the charity after seeing the important work the social work department does for care experienced young people.

The charity will give young carers the chance to gain a qualification in hairdressing whilst learning practical skills in areas such as CV writing, administration, and customer service.

One young carer said: “This is going to give a lot of young people a feeling of worth, importance and purpose that they might have lost due to their own individual backgrounds and experience of being a care experienced individual.

“How good this is going to make individuals feel knowing there’s a charity out there that has acknowledged these struggles and different life experiences and wants to give such an amazing opportunity by teaching them skill that will set them up for a successful life!

“I wish you all the best of luck and success with this!”

The course will run for four days a week and hopes to inspire confidence and develop people skills in its learners while they work towards becoming fully qualified hairdressers.

The charity will work alongside Tony Robertson Hair Spa of Kilwinning to deliver a minimum of three weeks work experience to each participant on the course.

Tony Robertson Hair Spa said: “Haus Of Seisay is an exciting charity and Tony Robertson Hair Spa can’t wait to work with them to develop these young people.

“Watching them grow and thrive is what I’m excited for.”

Thomas and Tony Seisay began seeing the vital work of the social work department and learning about care experienced young people after adopting their two children in 2014.

Since then, the couple have worked closely with the social work department and have experienced extensive training about care experienced children and young adults – learning about the care system in the process.

Using their knowledge, Thomas and Tony wanted to open the academy to “break down barriers and open up opportunities for care experienced young people.”

Thomas Seisay said: “I am extremely passionate about Haus of Seisay and understands that my own children’s outcome could have been so different, I want to make a positive change for young people.

“Let’s equalise young people’s opportunities.”

For more information on Haus of Seisay contact Thomas by phone on 07983476611 or through email at