ARDROSSAN football star Billy Gilmour has thrown his backing behind a life-changing fundraising effort for a North Ayrshire tot.

The Brighton and Hove Albion midfielder donated a signed shirt which was given away as part of a fundraising raffle for 'Little Alara'.

Alara Kavak is a "happy smiley three year old with a big personality" who lives in Largs.

Alara was born very premature and after a traumatic entry into the world she proved she was a fighter during her first eight weeks of life in the neonatal intensive care unit.

In her first year of life she started falling behind with her physical milestones and was soon diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.

Alara's Cerebral Palsy mainly affects her legs. Alara cant stand or walk without support because of the stiffness and pain in her legs.

Nevertheless, she is so determined to try and walk every single day! Despite Alaras physical difficulties she is a typical three year old, chatty, bright, loving and full of fun.

The good news is Alara has been approved for life changing spinal surgery SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy), by Dr T S Park in America and he predicts with surgery and intensive physio Alara shows the potential for independent walking in the future.

Surgery will permanently remove the stiffness and pain from Alaras legs which will allow Alara to move more freely and without pain.

Alara needs this surgery urgently as its recommended at a young age.

In efforts to fund this life-changing procedure, a justgiving page for 'Alara's Little Legs was launched earlier this year. Fundraisers are looking to raiser a target amount of £80,000.

And thanks to the astounding generosity of those in North Ayrshire, already over 600 donors have raised a staggering near £34,000 towards this total.

This has been accumulated through various channels, inluding one off donations and numerous fundraising campaigns from local businesses and groups.

One of these came from Ethan Stubbs and Brandon Greenwood from Blackout Barbershop in Largs and their fundraising raffle.

This was backed by Three Towns football star Billy Gilmour, with the Scotland international donating a signed top.

Gilmour has been known to use the barber shop when he is back at home.

And he wasn't the only Scotland star involved, with a Liverpool top signed by national team captain Andrew Roberston also amongst the prizes.

Ticket sales for the raffle raised an amazing £2,320 towards the campaign which was handed over at the beginning of this month.

For more information on the fundraising for 'Alara's Little Legs' or to donate visit there just giving page at