AN ANNUAL darting tournament is to be held in honour of a late local legend this year.

'The Darts Ryder Cup' will be held in the Blacklands Bowling club in Kilwinning on December 30 - and will look to raise funds in honour of Billy 'Buff' Reid.

This is an event that the man himself won previously.

Billy was extremely popular, a “diehard” Kilbirnie Ladeside fan and thought of himself as a ‘Mod’. He was a member of the Kilbirnie MD20/20 Scooter Club.

He also spent time living in Kilwinning, where he was well known by those who drank in the same pubs as 'Buff'.

Billy Reid passed away in early 2020 - celebrating his 50th birthday only weeks before his passing.

He suffered from Ischemic Heart Disease which eventually took his life.

Looking at the event which is to be held in his honour, it is a darts, Ryder Cup style, tournament involving The Dart Foundation and the reigning champions The Dart Vaders.

This will consist of two rounds of double matches followed by singles games to determine the winners of the trophy - which has been renamed this year as the Buff Cup.

This will also be a charity event in partnership with Meliora Clothing with proceeds split between Meliora and Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH).

For those interested in supporting these causes in Buff's honour, organisers are asking people to donate to both charities. To find out how to do so, visit SAMH here - and Meliora here -

Organisers have also noted that this is an invite only event - for friends and family of Billy Reid.