ARDEER Thistle players and management got into the festive spirit with a hilarious take on a classic romcom.

The Stevenston side shared their Love Actually-themed Christmas video ahead of the big day on Sunday - with manager Sean Kenney joining the squad in showing a more relaxed side off the pitch.

The funny recording begins with the team knocking on the busy gaffer's door claiming to be carol singers, with Kenney not buying it and joking: "Carol singers doon the bottom end? They'll be lucky to make it out alive never mind with a few bob."

The players then act out the famous card scene from the 2003 film before delivering a special gift to their far-from-impressed boss... The Football Manager Guide to Football Management.

The video ends with a poignant tribute to much-missed Stevenston woman Shirley Morgan, wrapping up with the message: "This video is dedicated to Shirley Morgan and all our loved ones sadly missed at Christmas."