A Three Towns mum has launched an online support group for parents of children with additional support needs.

Mum-of-one Amy Meg recently started the Facebook group to help reassure parents with additional support needs (ASN) kids after she realised she had no friends in similar situations.

Amy said: “The main reason why I started the online support group is because I have a three-year-old with diagnosed autism.

“We have lots of support in place with regards to professionals, but I don't have any friends who have children with additional support needs so often find myself and my parenting techniques frowned upon or judged.

“I found I was constantly doubting if I was doing the right thing, if I was a bad mum, if everyone else really felt like they were just winging life hour by hour or if it was just me.

“As a parent with a child with ASN it's hard to do things that other parents take for granted like playgroups, swimming, soft plays, these can all be a major trigger for us due to safety.

“So many people have been so thankful that the group is now there for support and we have members with kids from two years to 22 years so we have lots of people who can offer help and advice who's either going through it or have been.”

The group, which already has over 100 members, allows members to give each other advice in areas like school and nursery placements, safe holiday ideas that are safe, toileting, and funding advice.

With its rising popularity, organiser Amy hopes to soon turn the group into an in-person gathering where parents can socialise.

Amy added: “My long-term goal for this online group is to turn it into an in-person group.

“I will be able to source some funding to cover insurance, some hall rental or just some resources for a safe judgement-free place for parents and children with ASN to have some zen time.

“This is something that's so desperately lacking within the three towns and I'm so glad I have gone ahead and started this support group.

“It's something that so many parents and guardians desperately needed.”

Amy has applied for funding to help her bring to group from an online one to an in-person gathering and is currently waiting on a response.

To request to join the Facebook group visit: www.facebook.com/groups/2330415953823812