Pupils from St Anthony’s Primary School in Saltcoats have been exercising their green thumbs in the school’s garden as they learn about healthy meals.

Growing vegetables such as corn, potatoes and purple carrots, pupils of all ages have been learning about Article 24 of the Convention of the Rights of the Child which highlights that governments must provide nutritious food for children.

With their produce then being made into food at the school, pupils have been able to reap what they’ve sown – and have loved doing it.

Nine-year-old Finlay said: "It was really good because it tastes really fresh. At other school dinners you get food from the shop, but we grow it and then make it into food."

Ten-year-old Elizabeth said the food "tasted really fresh" while pupil ten-year-old Liam said he loved the carrot cake.

Also age ten, Cassidy said she loved planting potatoes "because it was really fun.”

Staff at the school are delighted to have been able to teach the kids such an important lesson whilst providing a fun practical learning experience where pupils can gain new skills.

Depute headteacher Michelle Kerr said: "At St Anthony's Primary, children's rights are at the heart of all we do.

“A huge focus for our school is outdoor learning and this has developed into a kitchen garden.

“Each class has been involved in growing produce, which our award-winning kitchen team have incorporated into their menus.”

The garden and lessons on the Rights of the Child are part of North Ayrshire Council’s initiative to educate children on the matter.

Councillor Shaun Macaulay, Cabinet Member for Education and Young People said: “There is a lot of tremendous work being done in our schools to ensure that children are enjoying all of the rights they are entitled to.

“And it is great to see that at St Anthony’s Primary the staff and children are working well together when it comes to food, nutrition and learning how to grow vegetables.

“The pupils have embraced the school garden and are enjoying the fruits of their labour.”