A THREE Towns rugby club has been left bemused after their clubhouse was targeted by malicious vandals.

Ardrossan Academicals RFC's clubhouse on Sorbie Road was the target of delinquents over the weekend.

They have left the gable end of the building that faces onto the High Road nearly completely covered in vile language.

The graffiti, which bemusingly seems completely unrelated to the club, appears to accuse a policeman of "selling intel" - and also dawns the phrase "bent c***" amongst other scribblings.

What has left the Ardrossan club most disappointed is the lack of consideration for those who use their facilities.

A spokesperson for the club told the Herald: "This weekend the clubhouse was vandalised when graffiti was sprayed on the gable end of the building facing the High Road.

"This is all the more disappointing given some of the language used.

"The club is a hub for a large number of young people that train and play there - ages start from five-years-old.

"The club is wholly operated by volunteers who freely give up their time to help with training and games, not to clear up this kind of mess.

"They are determined to make the club a clean and pleasant place for everyone that uses it."

They added that they have liaised with police since the incident took place, and they are now investigating the vandalism.

A force spokesperson confirmed: "On the afternoon of Wednesday, January 25, 2023, police received a report of vandalism in the Sorbie Road area of Ardrossan. Enquiries are at an early stage.”