A Saltcoats born musician who lives in Australia is finding critical success as he prepares to release more music.

Perth-based Bryan Burns, known as BURNSY, has released two songs so far and plans on releasing a longer project later this year.

The singer-song writer’s work has picked up traction from Australian publication Gong Scene which praised the vulnerable lyricism in his 2021 song ‘Afraid of Sharks’.

He said: “I’ve had to deal with anxiety from a young age and it’s never something I really open up about but like to express it through my music.

“I find it very hard to open up about my mental health and life experiences and I find putting those words down into a song to be therapeutic and almost like a weight’s been lifted off my shoulders.

“I don’t like telling too much of what the song means to me as I want my songs to be subjective to the listener and I want them to feel their own story.

“There’re so many double meanings to this song but like I said, I prefer not to paint too much of a story as I want the listener to interpret it in their own way.”

With lyrics exploring themes of love and mental health, the artist aims to highlight everyday struggles through his music which he describes as “sad edgy surf meets alternative indie rock.”

BURNSY’s music has been inspired by his dad, as he believes he wouldn’t be writing if he had never heard artists like The Smiths, Roy Orbison, and most importantly, The Beatles when he was a kid.

His debut song ‘One of the Boys’ was released in 2020 after 11 years of writing music and in 2023 he’s finally gearing up to release his debut EP or album.

He added: “My plan is that I’m hoping to release an EP/ album sometime this year.

“I’ve been working on and off for the past 3 years on music but not everything has stuck.

“It’s only been the last six months I’ve felt like I’m really getting somewhere and getting close to releasing more music very soon.

“If it wasn’t for my friends and family believing in me, I don’t think I’d be doing music today.”

Aged 27, BURNSY has been living in Australia for the past nine years.

Check out BURNSY’s music on Spotify: www.tinyurl.com/spotifyBURNSY