SPONSORSHIP is now in place to allow Ardrossan Winton Rovers to form a ladies first team.

It follows the growing success of the club’s girls youth section, which has over 100 youngsters competing across all age groups.

And their teams have seen a lot of success - with their under 14 side winning a league title, going unbeaten for the season, only last year.

The club are now looking for someone to come forward and take the women’s section of a club to the next stage by helping form this first team.

Looking to form for the 2023/24 season, Winton Rovers will provide all matchday strips, training kits, equipment, cover the costs of all parks, including winter astro training facilities and referees throughout the year.

Any candidates for the job, who believe they have the drive and skill to achieve should contact Alex Keir on 07535 712619.

Winton will be hoping their ladies team can be as successful as their youth sides and men’s first team.