NORTH Ayrshire Council have confirmed that the Stevenston beach footbridge, which was damaged by recent stormy weather, will not be repaired.

It was confirmed today, February 10, that the structure connecting one of the car parks to the beach itself will not be reopening.

Though they say part of the bridge will be retained - to be used as a "view point".

The council first confirmed the bridge's temporary closure back in December, though it is believed it was damaged well before that time.

Worse damage followed last month heightening the issues.

It is believed the damage was caused when the water flowing beneath it changed course during a period of heavy rainfall.

Now "to ensure public safety" and to "prevent additional damage" the council say the bridge will be closed for a good.

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “This is unavoidable due to the ongoing effects of waves coming in and erosion at the beach from environmental changes to the area, causing the course of Stevenston Burn to shift and damage the bridge.

“These changes are gradual but will eventually make the footbridge unsuitable for pedestrian access to the beach.

"However, the main section of the footbridge has been assessed as safe and will remain so that it can be used a viewing point to look out to the beach and beyond.

“There is an alternative footbridge a short distance to the north-west, which can be used to access the beach instead.”