Arran residents are calling for changes to how the island is run by North Ayrshire Council as they demand better housing and transport.

In a mini enquiry held in January by the council, locals called for more social and affordable housing as well as easier access to benefits advice and a review of local transport.

They also expressed the need for more ‘warm rooms’ to help people cope with the cold weather and loneliness.

Arran councillor and chair of Arran Locality Partnership, Timothy Billings, said that feedback would be listened to.

He said: “We want to explore what is happening on Arran around wellbeing and care and find out who are the people who need support and how they can get it.

“If money is going to be available, we need to allocate it in the best way possible to meet local needs.

“We want to work across the Health and Social Care Partnership, council services and many of the local community groups so we can develop what is already happening or offer support to do something different that will help the local communities.

“All information and opinions expressed on the day will be taken on board as we consider ways of making things better for people.”

Attendees of the enquiry listed the council’s Eco Savvy’s Zero Waste cafes and Food Share programme as positive schemes in the community.

The enquiry was held by the Child Poverty and Cost of Living Board and will impact the council’s Child Poverty Strategy.

Chair of the board and council leader Marie Burns said: “It was great to see so many people attending the mini enquiry and, importantly, getting involved in an open, frank and constructive conversation about what can be done to improve life for people on Arran.

“The need for increased integration, a plan to tackle social isolation, issues around transport links, improving access to existing groups and the high cost of fuel, including oil for heating, were all part of the discussion.”