PLANS to build ten flats in West Kilbride have been approved by North Ayrshire Council, despite more than a dozen objections to the proposals.

The Herald first reported the plans when they were submitted at the end of January.

These were then approved exactly one month later, on February 24.

The development, proposed by Atelier-M Ltd on behalf of John Wright Properties Ltd, will be situated on the currently barren land at 15 Ardrossan Road - formerly home to the Galleon Inn Hotel which was demolished in 2014.

Contained over six stories, the flats will feature two one bedroomed flats, five two bedroomed homes, and three flats containing three bedrooms.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: A birds eye view of what the development would look like upon completion.A birds eye view of what the development would look like upon completion. (Image: NAC planning)

The block of flats will border a mainly residential area on Ardrossan Road and extend down the steep slope (of roughly 6m) of land, forming another border onto Hyndman Road.

As well as creating the flats, a further 14 parking spaces would be created for the property, and these would be accessed via Hyndman Road.

And it is this location which has provided the basis for the numerous objections which were made regarding the plans.

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These comments, made via the council's online planning portal, debated the need for the development, the density of the build, its safety, its impact on the road, the impact to the immediate area, the capacity of infrastructure and structural impact on the area.

Objection comments stated: "There is no need for this development to be built given the density, amount of flats, people and cars in such a small area.

"It would put added pressure on the road congestion of an already busy area and would directly affect those neighbours who live across the road.

"It would appear that the developers are attempting to maximise profit at the expense of the people in the surrounding area.

"It comes at a time when there is an already massive development in same vicinity."

The approval of these proposals come little over a month after Persimmon Homes were granted permission for a 220-home development on land between Summerlea Road and Portencross Road around a mile away.

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Other objections raised concerns even closer to the development area of the flats.

They said: "Parking spill over into Hyndman Road will be congested, which could result in tensions and conflict between neighbours during accessing and exiting gatherings area.

"The amount of flats is excessive for this small area. The exit on to Ardrossan Road is difficult at present and this will further add to the pressure at peak times."

And they also raised fears that pressure will be added to the already struggling infrastructure in the village.

Objections continued: "I feel this will put additional pressure on services in the area, with increasing demand on education, surgery, dentist, pharmacy etc.

"At present these services are already overwhelmed, which will be further added to by the new development in Summerlea Road."

In spite of the numerous concerns, plans were approved last month, subject to a number of conditions.

These, along with further details of the proposal, can be viewed in full via the council's online planning portal, using reference 23/00042/PP.