A SALTCOATS man has won an amazing £10,000 thanks to a radio station competition.

Stewart Morgan earned the prize from West FM after taking part in their 'Super Jackpot' game yesterday, Wednesday March 1.

For Stewart, better known as Morgy, the money means he can get some work done to his house - and treat his family to a holiday, which he said will be to Turkey.

The Bauer media station's Super Jackpot game is played by listeners throughout the day.

They enter the draw to be selected as the day's participant, to be in with a chance of winning the cash.

They need to listen in to find out how much cash is locked away in their '30 safes'. Listeners are told a minimum win, as well as the maximum amount of money that only one safe contains.

If they are the lucky contestant selected to take part in the game, they receive a call after 5pm, asking them to select one of the safes.

The next bit is up to them: do they want to open their safe and win what's inside, or do they accept an offer that could win them even more, or perhaps less, cash?

For Stewart, he knew he was winning at least £2,000 - the minimum amount up for grabs on Wednesday.

He was then offered £9,000, but chose to gamble, after some hesitation over his decision, and open his own safe.

Though, as it turns out, he made the right call with £10,000 locked inside.

So it's certainly 'safe' to say, Stewart had a very good Wednesday... Congrats!