Residents of Cunninghame Housing Association properties complain of mould, rotting doors and "shocking" rent prices as they demand the organisation take action.

Tenants at properties in Kilwinning's Weirston Place houses have said their homes are rife with issues with cracks in infrastructure and cheap furnishings alongside mould and rotting doors.

Despite alerting the organisation to these problems, residents claim they have been ignored and met with a hostile attitude.

One tenant named Olivia Walker says there have been issues with her house since she bought it but that her the majority of her requests for repairs have been ignored.

She said: "We have had to report repairs in the house including a chip in our bath which has been their basically since we moved in and also a crack that runs the whole length of our bathroom to be told that these weren't the housing associations responsibility and that they wouldn't be doing the repairs.

"We are now living in a house that needs multiple repairs however it doesn't matter if you report them or not because they don't care.

"We also now have mould in your little boys room which is really unsafe and we keep our house tidy and dry for the most part.

"The full street have complained about the lack of street lighting within the scheme and also the road conditions but again nothing has been done so you don't even feel safe to walk the streets at night even just to put your bins out.

Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald: Katie Lawrence with the heater she was supplied with to help with the problems in her home.Katie Lawrence with the heater she was supplied with to help with the problems in her home.

"They need to lower the rent down to sustainable levels and also do all repairs required in houses."

Olivia also said she was told by workers who visited her house to fix a snagging issue that she was a "complainer" and was not to contact them again.

Another resident named Lousie McLeod says her house was infested with mould which was investigated by an individual from the organisation who made her pay for the clean-up despite the dire situation.

Louise said: "[The person from housing] said it was the worst mould she has ever seen. I was then told I was to clean it and pay out of my own pocket for treatment and paint for it.

"A neighbour's boiler has broken many times since they were built in 2018. The last time it broke, a couple months ago, she was left 4 days without hot water and heating. She has a disabled son.

"Our rent is due to raise to £490 per month in April 2023.

"My parents are in a four bed council house in the Woodwynd and they only pay £325 per month for their rent.

"What Cunninghame housing are expecting us to pay for these cheap made houses are shocking!"

Residents of the Ardrossan properties have also complained of similar issues and treatment.